Scottish Enterprise Lanarkshire is the economic development agency for the area.  They work with businesses, individuals, communities, educational establishments and other public bodies to build a strong and robust economy.


Below is a description of the programmes they offer to help you find the employment or training that best suits you. 


Modern Apprenticeships


If you're over 16 years and you want to train for a job in craft, technician or at management level while receiving a wage, then Modern Apprenticeship is for you. You can start your career without having to study full time.


As a Modern Apprentice you will be employed from the very start of your training and receive a wage from your employer. You will then be given the chance to develop expertise and knowledge through on-the-job assessment as well as gaining vital skills such as teamwork and problem solving.


Many Modern Apprentices also attend colleges or training centres to study the theory relating to their chosen occupation. To make sure the combination of theory and practice is right for you a Training Agreement will be drawn up that is unique to you. Through your Training Agreement, you, your employer and LEC are all committed to your development. With the right combination of theory and practice your career will be on track and you will gain a nationally recognised, high level qualification - a SVQ at Level 3.


If you think a Modern Apprenticeship could be the right choice for you, speak to your Careers Adviser or Guidance Teacher or contact your local careers centre for details.




Skillseekers is a training programme for young people between the ages of 16 and 18 who want to develop skills and equip themselves for the world of work.


You can apply if you have left school and have a job or if you are looking for work. The only exception is if you are still at school or in further or higher education. In some cases, people up to the age of 25 can take part in the programme, especially if you are training for a job that needs higher skills.


Skillseekers helps you train to nationally recognised standards. The cost of your training will be covered.


If you'd like more information, contact your nearest Careers Scotland Centre.


Get Ready for Work


If you are aged between 16 and 18 years, Get Ready for Work can support you move into a job, further training or college. You can also learn new skills and get the confidence to enable you to move forward.


Get Ready for Work will help you identify your individual needs and offer training in a number of skills e.g. help with interview techniques or completing an application form or C.V. You might require some support with communication or computer skills - or simply want to build self-confidence to help in applying for jobs.


Taking part in the programme will also give you the chance to try out "work tasters" and work placements - helping you decide on the job that's best for you.


The training is FREE of charge and help with travel expenses may also be available.


Training for Work


Are you unemployed and actively looking for work, then Training for Work can help you. You can go on a company placement and tap into formal training, which in many cases, can lead to a full time job. If you are 25 and over, and have been unemployed for at least 6 months within the previous 52 weeks, and then you can access this programme, however there are some exceptions to this. Any company can take part.

You can receive help from a network of training providers with a wide variety of skills and occupations being catered for. You will be paid a "training allowance" - this is equivalent to your benefits plus £10 a week. If you get a job out of the scheme you'll be paid the rate for the job.

If you think you are a potential trainee, contact your local Jobcentre.


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